Sunday, April 9, 2017

Birthday Card Boo-boo's

I'm putting this up on the blog to participate in Darnell's 2nd Annual April Fool's Boo-boo Hop and NBUS Challenge #11.  Our entry can be sharing our boo-boo's and/or NBUS!  No prizes, but just fun times seeing that we all have those moments!

So here is the front of the card in all its glory!  These are stamps and dies from My Favorite Things.

You may be wondering, what's the problem?  Well, the "problem" is that I had the entire card front adhered to my card base before beginning the sentiment inside!  There must've been an earthquake when I stamped this sentiment!  I guess I was in shock because I then promptly dropped the ink pad onto the card!!  Argghhh!!  What to do?!!  Also notice the little smudge along the right side!!

So I wracked my brain and Ta-da!  It clicked into gear and saw the extra pieces and parts leftover from the front!  Re-stamped the sentiment & die cut it with a Spellbinders die to cover the original boo-boo.  The extra leaves and flower covered the ink smudges!!  YAY!  LOL!

So the moral of this story, for me, is to consider completing the inside before finishing the front.  We'll see if that happens.....haha!   Thanks so much for taking a look!


  1. Now that's a great save!! I would have cut another piece of cardstock and stamped the sentiment on that, and glued it inside on top of the ink smear, but your fix looks so much nicer! The flower layers look beautiful!!

  2. It just never works that way though, does it, Carol? We are so intent on getting that front done! It's like not stamping the sediment on the front until everything else is done. It's really risky, yet most of us do it that way to our own peril! I have to say you put me to shame with your save. I usually just whack the front off the base and attach it to another base. I think I told one of the other fellow boobers that sometimes I wonder what recipients must think when they get a card from me with a two-pound front and a relatively flimsy back, lol!! But your way - WOW! You've now given your recipient TWO amazing homemade cards!! That inside would make an awesome design for an outside and I'm pinning both!! Thanks so much for being a good sport and sharing in the Boo Boo Hop!! Hugs, Darnell (PS I want to also let you know that I did see all your postings for the 30-day coloring challenge and!! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to actually comment on each one, but I saw them come through my inbox. xxoo)

  3. Smart way to. Over up the boo boo. I'm sure this has happened a time or two to all of us. I sure know it's happened to me and it's so maddening. Grrr...


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