Saturday, May 30, 2015

Online Card Class, Mask-erade, Day 5 Card

Well, I sure thought this technique of Jennifer McGuire's wouldn't, and shouldn't, be too difficult.  Even though I feel like this card is missing/needing something I decided to go with it to keep it all one layer like Jennifer's.

I wonder, is there such a thing as bad and/or low quality embossing powder?  After heating the first layer of clear embossing powder, it had an orange peel, dimpled look.  The overlapping layer's ink soaked in.  So for the 3rd! attempt, I used my embossing pen for a 2nd and sometimes 3rd layer of embossing powder.  I love this technique, but my embossing powder made it very annoying!  LOL!

I used masking paper to mask the little label that holds the sentiment.

This angle shows the embossing powder.

Well, that's it.  Not totally happy with it, but it is what it is!  :)

Thank you for looking at my card.  If you have an idea of what this card is missing let me know!

Any and all comments are appreciated so much!


  1. I have tried using 30 year old cheap embossing powder and this happened to me. sometimes it happens if humidity gets to it. sometimes I shake it and it really gets better. I really love hero arts clear and white embossing powder. I love ranger for gold and silver. wow makes some neat ones. its probably just me but zing did nothing for me. by the way, I really like your card. the label is darling, the clouds are fabulous, and until you got right up to the balloons, they looked fine, and even then didn't look that bad. hang in there. thanks for sharing with us

  2. Very cute in spite of the problems with the embossing powder.

  3. It's a really pretty card as is ...but when I'm in doubt I add enamel dots, or they make everything pretty and Just think of "the embossing adds textural interest" ... Isn't it a fun class

  4. Yes embossing powder can go bad, also if your heat gun isn't hot enough it will melt unevenly. Love your card, sweet and simple.


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