Thursday, February 4, 2016

Online Card Classes/Lasting Hearts

I have one more card that I did for Day 5.  The watercolored piece has been sitting on my desk as I didn't think I liked it enough to make it into a card.

I decided today that I do like it enough to turn it into a card!  LOL!  Does anyone else ever do this?

This technique of Jennifer McGuire's looked so simple when she was showing us.  However, I think I needed a left hander to do it to show me how.  Finally figured it out and am also using this card for the Lasting Hearts Card Drive that Jennifer posted on her blog.  It's the first of several I hope to send for this cause.

Take a look at her post--it's heartbreaking and heartwarming.  Turning sadness into a great cause!

So here's my card.  Thanks for taking a look at it!  I love your comments and thanks for those too!

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